Sneak Unique

We are passionate about designing apparel for anyone young, upright, and having an unyielding faith in fashion. Our focus is on eco-friendly manufacturing and sustainability. That’s why we chose to design sneakers and clothes for youth. We believe the future generation is more eco-mindful, so we want to encourage caring for their environment even if it’s outfit-related.
× Kristoff Kristofferson ×
“Sneak Unique started as a sneakers store and quickly expanded to producing clothes. The brand has strong 90’s vibes in looks combined with a modern attitude to the environment.”
× Alice Abigaile ×
“I have two teenage twins, and they both go to this store to choose their summer look. They say they like how eco-friendly this store is.”
× Jennifer Jameson ×
“Great store to buy everyday clothes for spring and summer. Low prices and high quality is a yes for me.”
100% Organic Cotton
Eco-friendly & Sustainable

Responsibly sourced materials

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To deliver your favorite products, we have partnered with the most reliable companies. We are ready to entrust them with your orders and are always on your side if something goes wrong. We will be happy to assist you with eligible returns, the return instructions, and the shipping address. If you need a return or exchange, send us an email so we can discuss a replacement.

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Our managers are always happy to help. They are always ready to answer any of your questions, assist with choosing, and support you if in doubt.